Saturday, September 19, 2009

"Gossip" rumor recap

Stanley's cheating on his wife. (true)

Angela's dating an 81 year old billionairre. (wish it were true)

Pam's pregnant. (also true, accidentally)
Kelly is an anorexic, or in Michael's words, an anorexitic. (so not believable)

Andy is gay. (he doesn't even know the truth)

Erin isn't a good worker. (I guess she is??

Oscar is the voice of the taco bell dog. (I'm surprised Michael didn't go the gay route, but instead, he went the racial profiling route)

Toby is a virgin. (as he says, he has a daughter, poor Toby)

There is another person inside of Kevin, working him with controls. (by far my favorite rumor)

Dwight uses store-bought manure. (I find it funny that Michael thought people would care, and that Dwight is so hurt by the accusation)

That Michael (or Jim) is a J. Crew model. (the only positive rumor)

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